Homage to Dracula

As the reality of the scene began to take hold, Baby of Shame’s bandmates began to gather around her bleeding body. Mostly in shock, they stood at a slight distance in a circle around her. In a seeming mimicry of the death of her fictional hero, Dracula, Baby of Shame’s expression took on a look of peace as her soul was released from its earthly torment. Her eyes were fixed on some far corner of the club as if she had spotted some unseen presence with whom she sought to be reunited. Even in her final moments her thoughts were of the undead.

The crowd by now was being corralled by security, and the doors were shut to prevent anyone leaving. They hoped to contain the shooter but unbeknownst to them the killer was already long gone. Sirens could be heard now as police and ambulances approached from various corners of the city. With the house lights full on now the scene was almost more surreal. The club kids and goths who so favored the dark squinted in the unaccustomed light, as if they too were being assaulted.


~ by D. D. Syrdal on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Homage to Dracula”

  1. love the homage

  2. Thanks, Chazz 🙂 I thought I’d better add something! I’m hoping MaryJ will give us more on the detectives, sounded like she had a really solid picture of them.

  3. yeah I’m looking forward to it.

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