Give Me Blood

The most ardent fans of the Sparkling Douchebags, whose sole aim in life seemed to be following the band around and trying to convince themselves that they too were vampires, began cutting themselves to add their own blood to the scene in a ritualistic display of grief and mourning for their fallen heroine. Ghoulishly they formed themselves into a circle in the middle of the club, at first humming softly, then gradually singing louder the band’s anthem from its early days, “Give Me Blood.” The ambulance crew pushed its way through to the stage to attend to the body of Baby of Shame, all the while the puddle of blood growing larger on the floor. The few security guards were only able to disarm a couple of the fans here and there but the damage was done. Within minutes nearly everyone in the club was sliced and bleeding.

The other band members – Mellon Kali, Micro Braineater, Pus Renfield and Ebola the Rat – began playing the song the crowd was singing. Finally after a quarter of an hour of confusion during the weird impromptu wake for Baby of Shame, police units began arriving and separating the crowd, releasing some, sending the ones who had cut themselves the most severely off with more ambulances before they bled to death.


~ by D. D. Syrdal on March 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Give Me Blood”

  1. more blood, thats gonna make it hard for forensics

  2. Ha! Well the more twists in the story, the better, I always say. 😉

  3. I totally agree, just need to know what the detectives are like before continuing

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