Mellon Kali – Drummer

Art by KrumOn drums was the androgynous Mellon Kali, known for snarling at fans and displaying several gold teeth. Before joining the Sparkling Douchebags, Mellon Kali was a drummer with several other punk bands, beginning in high school with an outfit called Souls of the Dead. They typically appeared with their faces painted to resemble skeletons.

Kali, as his friends called him, grew up in a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania, and quickly fell in with the local toughs as early as middle school. His academic career was spotty at best, after being expelled from no less than three high schools for fighting, drug use, and vandalism. During his first stint in juvenile hall he met up with Kid Dust, the future lead guitarist of the Souls of the Dead. After their release from incarceration, the two hit the road at the age of sixteen, heading west to California. There they found the group who would round out the SotD lineup: Tommy “Boneman” Castellano, Anita “Memento Mori” Marchand, and Phil “Anarchy Zero” Belzer. After most of the band were arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder, Kali moved on to another band known as Sectarian Violence. Due to drug problems and creative differences Sectarian Violence split up after only three years.


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